• What if you could pay $100K to purchase a luxury RV valued at $200K, and then continue to get a new RV every 3 years, without having to buy it all over again?

• Rather than spend $2,400 a year on RV storage and insurance, what if you pay less than half that at $99 per month for storage, insurance, AND all your RV maintenance was included as well; brakes, oil changes, tires: EVERYTHING included!!

• PLUS, what if you had access to an entire fleet of fully equipped luxury RVs. You can choose any RV you want, depending on your travel needs for each getaway.

• Special Members-Only Booking Rate: Co-op Members receive a guaranteed RV rental rate of only $49 per week; and this can never be raised without a majority membership vote. The weekly rental rate covers RV pick up/drop off and Membership services.

• Every RV is fully equipped with dishes, cookware, linens, blankets, lawn chairs, everything you need; and you even have the option to have your freshly cleaned fully equipped RV delivered right to your front door: A truly Five Star Luxury experience for Members and their guests.


• Genuine Pride of Ownership: No company decals anywhere on the RVs. Members book Classy high-end luxury RV’s starting at 21′ right up to 40′ in length.
• RV Education: Offered free to Co-op Members, to ensure our luxury RV Fleet stays in tip-top condition; and to help keep our roads safer.
• RV insurance, storage, and RV maintenance costs are all included in affordable monthly Membership dues.

If you want luxury and value for your money, no one else compares to WRVC. Further, as a co-op, WRVC adheres to the “Co-operative Principles: Voluntary and open membership; democratic member control; member economic participation; Autonomy and Independence; Education Training and Information; Co-operation among Co-operatives; and Concern for Community.” WRVC is governed by a board of directors that is voted in by the membership.