Q- How do I become a WRVC Member?
A- To become a WRVC Member, you must complete the RV viewing process. Simply contact us to book an RV Viewing appointment. We currently have a waiting list, however, we will endeavour to contact you right away, and are happy to book you in the earliest possible appointment time available.

Q- Do I need a special driver’s license to drive an RV?
A- No, a regular Class 5 Alberta driver’s license is sufficient.

Q- How much mileage is included?
A- Unlimited mileage is included.

Q- What do I pay when I pick up the RV?
A- Co-op Members receive a guaranteed RV rental rate of only $49 per week; and this can never be raised without a majority membership vote. The weekly rental rate covers RV pick up/drop off and Membership services. Please note that your WRVC Membership must be up to date and in good standing to book and pick up an RV; and weely RV rental rates are due upon booking an RV.

Q- What other fees will I incur?
A- Monthly membership dues of $99 cover RV maintenance, storage, insurance, as well as other co-operative services and administration.

Q- When can I pick up the RV?
A- You can pick an RV up anytime you have it scheduled.

Q- Does the RV have a TV, DVD, or stereo?
A- Yes the RVs are equipped with a TV, DVD and stereo.

Q- Do the RV’s have air conditioning?
A- Yes. All RV’s are equipped with both coach and cab air conditioning.

Q- What amenities are in the RV?
A- The RV’s amenities include; pots and pans, dishes, and cooking utensils, etc.

Q- Are pets allowed in the RV?
A- Yes, in pet designated units only.

Q- Can I smoke in the RV?
A- No, there is no smoking allowed in any of the RVs.

Q- What amenities and facilities do campgrounds offer?
A- Each campground is unique and will offer different amenities, facilities and activities.

Q- Is RV tank water safe to drink?
A- No, be sure to bring your own drinking water.

Q- Are there bike racks?
A- No, the RVs do not have bike racks.

Q- Do the RV’s have roll-out awnings?
A- Yes.

Q- Are there generators on board?
A- Yes.

Q- Does it cost money to sign up for the WRVC Education Program?
A- WRVC provides one free mandatory RV Education session for each WRVC Membership.

Q- Do you offer front door RV delivery service?
A- Yes, for a nominal fee, and RV delivery service is subject to driver availability.